Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer in Heidelberg

Mommy and Daddy's little piece of Heaven.
Our first trip to the Tier Park Schwimmbad. It was a lot of fun! Dresden didn't want to leave and Estelle loved the water.It was great because they had a large kid's part far away from the deep pool where I was able to sit and watch Dresden while still entertaining Stelli.

Estelle's first time in a swim suit. She looked so cute!

During one of the weeks that Daddy was gone we slept over almost every night. This night Uncle Bryce serenaded the babies. He did a pretty good job!

Here we are at the Heidelberg Zoo with friends Simeon and Lilah. They have a bear park right out front that was really fun to see. 

The Ponies.

They had this fenced off area where kids could wander around with the goats and feed them. I think Dresden was reminded of the time we went to Grandma Kathy's and fed their goats. He had no fear.

There was this adorable baby goat there that I just had to get food for the kids to feed. He was so so cute.

There was another baby that caught my eye too. I had never seen a baby monkey that little before. So cute.

Strolling through the garden area. They have made this little Zoo so quaint and cute.

The Flamingo park was really cool too.

They had these fun birds on the wall so the kids could measure their "wing span". 

Estelle's first H&M summer outfit.
We loved how silly Stelli was being

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