Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dresden's 3!!!

Where oh where has the time gone. It seems like just yesterday we were driving home from the hospital with this little guy and now he's 3! I am oh so proud of him. He is so smart and sweet. I love being his mommy and he makes his daddy so so proud as well. Thanks to Elaine's mom's idea, I am going to start documenting some of his "Birthday Interview Questions". This year Elaine asked him some questions. When asked the following questions this was his reply:
1. What is your favorite dinner?
Dresden: "Lasagna"
2. What's your favorite dessert?
Dresden: "Lasagna"
3. Who are your friends?
Dresden: "Simeon und Lilah"
4. What are you scared of?
Dresden: "Spiders....No No No, Mommy is scared of spiders"

After trying to get him to tell me something other than Chocoate Cake for his birthday dinner I finally got it out of him that his favorite dinner Mommy makes is Chicken Pot Pie so of course that is what I made. Here he is wearing his McQueen shirt as requested an his new warm McQueen socks he got from Mommy and Daddy. 

Here is the Chocolate Cake he requested for his Birthday Cake. He helped put the candles in too. 

He did a great job blowing them out only the one on the side needed a little extra help.

Here he is about to delve into his "Favorite Birthday Present". (He told me that it was his favorite present and that made me one happy Mommy. He's so sweet.)

He even got the privilege of sitting on the couch to eat it.


Thanks to Bryce, Beth, Smith and Baron; Laura, Holger, Ella and Taylah; Bryan; Emma, Johann, Christian, Jose and Dario his birthday party was a success. Despite the fact that our kitchen wasn't finished downstairs yet we just had to celebrate with a party. We missed Nanny and Bopba and Grandma and Grandpa Taylor and all the family in America that would be celebrating with us as well if we weren't 10,000 miles away, but thanks to Skype we were able to see them and they were able to see Dresden open the presents that they so sweetly sent him. He is certainly a loved little boy. Again, I am so grateful Heavenly Father sent this little boy to us. He has taught us so many things, including most importantly, how to love more sweetly. We love you Dresden!