Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This Thanksgiving was a wonderful one. Since my parents were going to be out of town to California we celebrated with them the Sunday before and had a delightful time. My mom slaved away in the kitchen and I was glad I went a little early so that I could help her. She made a delicious stuffing that had apples and dried cranberries in it. I'm so proud of her for every time she tries something complicated and new. It makes me so happy because I know how happy I am when I make something difficult and it turns out. Good job Mom! Although we missed Uncle Tyler and Trevor dearly we enjoyed a wonderful evening with my parents, Omi and Opa, Grandma and Grandpa and Bridie. We all sat around talking after the wonderful meal and me and my Grandma Diane painted each others toenails. I love my Grandma. She is such a sweet lady, full of so much love. All of these people we got to spend the evening with are so wonderful and we are so blessed to have them in our lives.
For Thanksgiving Day we went to Grandma and Grandpa Taylors house. We went over early so that Scott could play soccer with his siblings and I could help out in the kitchen. I tried to make Beth's delicious stuffing she made the previous year and although it wasn't quite as delicious as hers it turned out okay. I've done pretty well having my best friend [Beth] move to Germany but having gathered together with friends that Beth and Bryce normally would be present at the night before and then cooking Thanksgiving in the kitchen without my Bethy there, I was having a somewhat solemn day. Even Nelma (Martha's mom) said "She[I]misses Beth". Fortunately I was surrounded by such wonderful people, fabulous food and the warmth of the sun that day that I was able to distract myself from the fact that it might just be a little (hopefully not long) while until I get to see my buddy again. I love you Beth!
So we all gathered around the table Gma and Gpa Taylor, Kurt, Martha, Aaron, Emily and their new little bundle due in June, Nelma and Patrick(Martha's Parents), Kristen,Caleb, Chloe and David(Kristen's Boyfriend), Jeff, Michelle & little Adam and Kaylee and enjoyed a delicous meal. David's cranberry sauce was one of me and Scotts favorite. As for Dresden, because it was his naptime the only thing that he took much interest to was the potatoes and gravy and the Jello that Nelma brought (I still couldn't get him to eat the turkey). Afterwards we all just hung around talking, playing ping pong and pool and enjoying each other's company. Although Scott might not agree I came close to beating him at pool, I was quite surprised. Dresden was having a great time outside enjoying the warm weather. He and his cousins were having a blast jumping on the tramp. Grandpa was monitoring them so I came out just to take a picture and Dresden told me "No Mommy, No" and waved his hand to let me know that he didn't want me to interupt his time with his Grandpa and cousins. This brings me to all the things I'm thankful for.
1) I am so thankful that Dresden has such amazing Grandparents that he loves so so much. In fact the other night when Scott and I went on a date and Nanny and Bopba babysat he pushed us away and said "No" and we asked him if he wanted to sleepover and he did. He got to sleep in their bed til about 3am when he wouldn't stop wiggling. He loves his Grandparents. I'm so grateful that he can have both of them so close because who knows this next baby might not get that opportunity.
2)I'm so thankful for such an amazing husband. He works so hard for our family financially and also tries really hard to make sure he spends enough time with his family too. I am so amazed at how he does it. I'm so proud of the man that he is and will become. I'm so lucky to have him to walk through this life with.
3)I'm so thankful to be a stay-at-home mom. Raising Dresden has been one of the best things I've ever experienced. Especially now where everyday he is able to show me all the things he learns from me and those he interacts with. I'm so excited for this new little baby and being able to raise not only one of my little best buddies but two. I'm blessed to be able to work every once and awhile because I think it helps me be a better mom. Of the few times a work I miss my boys so so much and am even more grateful for being a stay-at-home mom.
4)I'm so thankful for the wonderful family, friends and neighbors. They all teach me so much about how to live and love. If it weren't for them I couldn't be half the wife and mother that I am. Relationships are the only way to learn love, forgivness, charity, patience, kindness, etc.
5)Most importantly, I am Thankful for the knowledge I have of the love of the savior. I know that I will never be alone in life because of the love that surrounds me when I pray, read scriptures and strive to always do what is right. I know that He loves me and is proud of me despite my faults. If it weren't for the love I felt going to church when I was young I wouldn't be here.
For all of you who we didn't get to spend Thanksgiving with, we hope you had a wonderul Thanksgiving full of food, family and fun!

Monday, November 21, 2011

New Doo and Dresden outsmarts Mommy

Well, I did it! I chopped 12 inches off my hair again. This would be the third time and I hope that that makes three lucky people walking around with my hair for a wig from Locks of Love. Ever since the first time I made this drastic of a change I haven't been able to let my hair grow past a certain length before I have to chop it again. I waited for my amazing friend Bree to get home from California to do it because she is the best ever and I wanted to make sure that it was done well. I think she did a great job don't you think? I included a before and after picture so you can get the real effect.

Next story for the post is how little Dresden decided to outsmart Mommy and somehow lock her out of Grandma and Grandpa Taylors house. I stopped by after my usual deliveries at the flowershop and took little dude in and some of his stuff and went back out to get the rest of it and when I came back in the deadbolt was locked. I couldn't figure it out. I tried to instruct him to get a chair and put it by the door and unlock it but that wasn't working. So I called Tamera and they arranged to have Dave come let me in. In the meantime I discovered that of all the windows of the house there was only one that I could break into. The other one had two snakes in there and I wasn't about to jump down in that window well. By the time I finally managed to get into the house, Dave had just got home and unlocked it. He said "Tasia, you are pregnant you shouldn't be climbing down in window wells". Well I then had to tell him that it was a bathroom emergency and I couldn't wait. Well even though I couldn't figure out how the deadbolt got locked I soon found out that not only could Little Dude reach the lock, but the lock was very easy to lock. So Dresden outsmarted his mom and he is only two. I'm sure that it won't be the first time either. He is quite the smarty pants. We sneeze and he says "Bless you" (that I didn't teach him) and the other night I said "Sleep tight" and now almost everytime we lay him down he says "Sleep tight". Boy do I love my little monkey. He is so much fun!

These Pictures are from a year ago, but I don't think anyone has seen them and I had to put some sort of picture in with the story. (Too bad I didn't get one of him locking the door or something.)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our little blessing

This past week was a wonderful one. Monday Dresden and I got to go on a walk with our awesome friends Heidi and Izaak, Stasha, Brogan and Brigsten to the park. Izzy took us on a detour to the duck pond past our house and boy were Heidi and I glad because we got to play with our two boys in this gigantic leaf pile that the maintence crew must have collected. We both hesitated because we didn't want to create more of a mess, but we finally decided it was worth it. I wish we could've had a camera because it was so so much fun. Growing up we didn't have big enough trees to create such a pile and so this was a first for me as well as for Dresden. I definitely think this will have to happen as often as fall comes around.

Thursday I had to bring Dresden to work with me at the flower shop. I thought it wouldn't be a problem because it wasn't supposed to be that long. It ended up a lot longer than planned but it wasn't a worry for me at all because Heavenly Father blessed me with such an amazing little boy. He was absolutely perfect. He didn't fuss or cling to me for attention, instead he tried helping me rake leaves, we walked on the railroad tracks while he held his balloon and he played in the back of the car where I'd tried to create the best play spot with trucks, trains and books. I am so grateful for Dresden I couldn't have asked for a better little boy.

Saturday we invited my dad over for dinner. Since my mom is in Paris he's been all alone and I figured he probably could use a nice home cooked meal.After dinner Scott and I quickly finished Dresden's supposed to be birthday cake that was like Thomas the Train. We all sang to him again and he entertained us with how he dug into his cake no hands included. We all were laughing so hard. We finished the night with Dresden demanding that his "Bop-ba" read him stories. While Scott cleaned up in the kitchen Dresden and I snuggled around my Dad while he read us stories. I loved it so much and I hope my Dad did too. There's no doubt in my mind that Dresden did. We read the book You Are Special and I really felt God's love for me and my family not just by the simple meaning of the book but by enjoying this quality time with the first man in my life and my little man. I love you dad. Thanks for agreeing to reading. You do have a persistent grandson.

Sorry about the crooked picture, but what do you think of our first train cake?
After the instructions to eat it, this is what he did.
Finally decided to use his hands. He said it felt funny.

Sharing with is Bop-ba.

The after effects of Dresden and Daddy helping Dresden.
I'm going to miss these moments.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dresden's 2, Halloween 2011, and the updates

Much has happened a year from now, so much so that I must start from today and work back as far as I can remember to update you all. My belly is growing with a little over four months til another joins our family, we have been thoroughly enjoying the beautiful fall we've been blessed with, Halloween was again another success and most importantly my baby boy is now two years old. Boy does time fly. Heavenly father has blessed our family so much this past year and I am so grateful that he has had a hand in our families life. We also got put into a completely different ward this last Sunday and are looking forward to the new people we'll get to meet and the new experiences we'll have. Also, I must add that Izzy is supposed to be on America's Funniest Home Videos sometime soon so we'll keep you posted when that happens.
I participated in a dualathon in Nevada with my amazing friend Amanda Barker who has been one of the best running/workout buddies ever. We visited beautiful St. Mary's Idaho just before my wonderful Aunt moved to Montana (Dresden forfeited the 12 hour drive and got to go on an airplane with his Nanny and Bop-ba and he did great). We've enjoyed trips this summer to Lake Powell with my parents and my Omi and Opa the first time, and the generous Rodel Family the second. Havasupai didn't let us down yet again. It was great to have Beth and Bryce come for last friend trip. I had to say goodbye to my dear friend Beth and our sweet nephew Smith and great brother/brother-in-law Bryce as they embark on their adventure to Germany. Dresden got to experience hunting up in the beautiful Uintah's with his Bap-ba and Uncle Tyler. And that pretty much catches us up. I only hope that I'm not leaving any of the big stuff out, but at least my pregnant brain was able to remember all of this. :-) Now all that is left is pictures. Hope all of you wonderful people we call friends and family enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoy having you in our lives. We all love you, and again I'm going to do all I can to stay updated and not let an entire year go by where I can't update all you people we love with our wonderful adventures.

Halloween 2011-All the King's Horses and all the Kings Men

I figured I had to do something with the belly too.

Imagine hearing this after getting a knock on the door

Fall and Pumpkins!
Dresden loved helping me get the pumpkins and I loved my little helper.
Fall Mums! Yum Yum!
"Mom why did you spend forever decorating our porch? I could have done it in seconds. And why am I saying cheese?"
Perfect spot to wait for mom to finish.
The most interested Dresden got in Pumpkin Carving before going back to watching "Thomas"
Mommy and Dresden painted their pumpkins.

Dresden's Second Birthday

Mommy was sick the night before Dresden's birthday and had to cancel his party. Fortunately Daddy took good care of him and let him pick out a temporary doughnut cake so that we could sing to him on his birthday.
He got a Thomas the Train set from mommy and daddy and was super excited!

Hunting with Bob-Ba

I love how much Dresden loves his Bop-Ba

Lake Powell with the Rodels
Thanks Rick and Anna for letting Dresden come. He had a blast!
They had all sorts of fun toys to play with on the house boat. Dresden loved having me pull him in this little wagon over the unsteady rocks despite my trying to get him to build sand castles with me. He did really enjoy when we buried his feet for the first time in the sand. That was the most interested he got with the sand.

St. Maries Trip in June (congratulations Hailey on your Graduation)
I love my Mom and Little Brother
Dresden giving his daddy loves after not seeing him for over 24 hours
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor's lovely trip to Cor d'laine (I could move there if it weren't so cold in the winter, it was gorgeous)
A house I considered one of my dream homes we found in Cour d'laine. It was beautiful!

Other Random Stuff throughout the year

Summer fun in our back yard
My good friend Kass's wedding flowers(finally Jenni :-)
Unique and awesome centerpieces by our little flower shop
Park City with the Cousins (man I love those kids...wish you lived closer than California)

Dresden playing with my little cousin James who is 4 months younger my little man
Silly Face!
Playing at our little park before the Fall finally ends

Our new Cruisers Scott got us! We took them on a date to Cafe Rio, Movies 8 and (one of my favorite frozen yogurt shops) Spoon it up. This new amazing machine rides so much smoother than my race bike. I'm so grateful for it, especially now being pregnant.

Some of Dresden's favorite things lately are chasing Izzy around the house, "hiding", Thomas the Train, McQueen and Mater, trucks, trucks and more trucks and drop kicking the ball around the house(hopefully I can get a viedo of him doing this before too long).