Sunday, November 29, 2009

Could LIFE be any more WONDERFUL?

(Dresden laughs at how silly his Daddy is)

While I excitedly update my blog, I pause and take a moment to realize what a sweet little family I have been given. My amazing husband is resting on our tiny little love seat with my beautiful son who's peacefully sleeping on his chest. Oh, and I can't forget my silly Izzy who's got her head resting on the laptop probably wondering why I'm inside and not out watching her chase birds. To answer the question above...LIFE could not be ANY more WONDERFUL!
Since Thanksgiving was just this past week I'd like to mention a few reasons why I am so thankful for my
  • I have been blessed with a hard working, handsome husband who I love with all my heart and who I know will always do his best to take care of our little family and make sure that I'm happy.
  • I have been given my a beautiful, healthy little boy who I fell in love with instantly and continue to fall in love with each and everyday I get to serve him.
  • I have an amazing family who love me and who have taught me a lot about what it means to love unconditionally.
  • I married into another phenomenal family who instantly took me in as one of their own and loved me with all their hearts.
  • I have a goofy dog that has escaped death four times and will continue to keep me at least busy if not young .
  • I live in a country where I have freedom and rights to spread my wings and fly.
  • I'm healthy and have the capability to do almost anything my heart desires (ie. gazing at gorgeous sunsets, going for long runs, smelling fragrent flowers, and tasteing delicious food!).
  • Lastly, but most importantly, I have a father in heaven who knows me, watches out for me and loves me unconditionally (so much so that he has given me all of the above and more).
These are just a few of the many wonderful blessings I have been given in my life. I love Thanksgiving because it gives an opportunity to ponder on all the wonderful things we have been blessed with- at least that is what I like to think about even if it is more about when the Pilgrims came to America. Well we enjoyed not one, but two Thanksgivings with our wonderful families this year. Wednesday was Grandma Taylor's birthday so we had a combined Thangsgiving/Birthday celebration with the Taylors on that day and we went to my Aunt's house the day of and celebrated with the Hlawatschek side. We had some pretty delicious food. My favorites were the homemade stuffing from my Oma Hlawatschek (and usually don't like stuffing) and the Blackbottom Banana Cream Pie I experimented with, YumYum . Dresden was very popular those days, his daddy and I didn't hold him much he was busy hanging out in families arms instead. Scott was thrilled to enjoy his traditional Halo night with his siblings and Dunk ball the next day. Overall, I'd have to say that this may have been one of the best Thanksgivings yet!

(Dresden loves his Uli/Great Grandma)

As for other highlights this week, I went running Saturday for the first time in about 8 months (which I am sore from today thank you very much! I guess it's to be expected). I went with Beautiful Beth and her wonderful sister Megan. I love going running with Beth she always is so talkative that it passes the time away quickly and makes the run so much more enjoyable. That same night we had Bryce, Beth and Smith along with Klint and Mary over for dinner. We were so excited that Klint and Mary could meet our little boy. Dresden loved Mary! Beth and I also went to Ikea on Black Friday and bought some fabric to make throw pillows next week! I'm so excited. If all goes well I'll be posting what I've accomplished next blog. Till then! I love all my wonderful friends and family and hope you had a fabulous week! I have a delicious meal awaiting me that my amazing husband made me- got to run!
(I had to snap this picture quick because
this is the part of bath time that Dresden doesn't like)
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Monday, November 9, 2009

The First Week

Well, it's been over a week and I am just eating this whole mom thing up. Probably because I had the pleasure and blessing of having my beautiful mother there with me for the first week. She really was a life saver. Especially with making sure my home stayed clean, laundry was done, that I had all I needed and that I could get caught up on sleep a little. In addition to my mother I have had some of the best meals for the past two weeks. My adorable, sweet, thoughtful and kind sister (yes, sister not just sister-in-law!) Beth has came over basically every night and made us these delicious gourmet meals. (I know that any new mom would just die to have this blessing. How am I so fortunate?). So, I would like to thank Beth(and Bryce, and Smith) and my mom for making motherhood such a smooth and pleasant transition. Besides the whole nursing thing I don't have much to complain about (it's a lot harder than I thought). Instead I have just loved being able to wake up to my little man and watching his adorable facial expressions while sleeping. Since my last post we've been to the doctor and Dresden is back up to his birth weight and everything seems to be good.

In addition to the few emotional spouts I've had we had a big scare the sunday after Dresden was born when my puppy got ran over. Yes, I have to tell about my dog (some may think I'm silly for doing so, but I consider her another one of my babies). Scott called me sunday and told me that there was an accident with Izzy. My initial thought was "that little stinker ran out into the street again" but it wasn't that. Because of the quietness of my in-laws hybrid car the goofy dog didn't hear it and got ran over. As if I wasn't emotional enough this caused me to be hysterical. I don't think I have cried so hard in my life (well, maybe not). I was so lucky that she was in good hands with Jon and the doctor because Monday morning I woke up to Scott saying "Izzy, go get mommy!" She somehow managed to not have a single bone broken, only some bruising on her lungs and heart. She now is back to her old self and I am so greatful for prayers. She is definitely a miracle dog.