Monday, December 14, 2009

Decorating, Facebook & Lost Izzy

(Dresden loved decorating for Chistmas!)

So, not much occured this week other than we decorated for Christmas, I joined FACEBOOK and today...that darn Izzy ran off chasing who knows what, and ended up staring up a tree about a block away trying to coax a cat down so that she could annoy it (not even the nice neighbor that found her could lure her away with a piece of bologne)! I had been driving around looking for her when I had given up and was trying one last place I came accross this man who looked nice but I didn't know. He had a baby in his hands and that baby had Dresden's blanket. He walked up to me and said I believe this baby is yours...? I looked and sure enough it was Dresden. Fortunately it wasn't too cold outside (38 degrees)...even though I'm still paranoid that him being outside for the 5 minutes he was will get him sick and finding him in a strangers arms was a little concerning as well. Our neighbor had called Scott and since I wasn't there and didn't have my phone with me (as usual) if we wanted Izzy back, going and getting her right then was Scott's only option. I just wish I had brought my phone(someday I'll learn).

We had so much fun getting our tree!It didn't take long for me to find the perfect one! We only needed a small one for our small little family and this one was full and magnificent. I wanted the $10 Grinch tree's off Geneva road, but trading the man accross the street for flowers was a much better idea! Now our Just Because can dazzle a table for the Holidays! I personally love the huge bow that I put on the top! It's my fill in for the star that I don't yet have!

(Above is what Dresden likes to do while I FACEBOOK.)I didn't think that I'd get sucked into the facebook wave, but sad to say all it took was signing up and as Scott says, I'm already a facbook addict. Although my addiction probably won't last as long as he thinks it has been a ton of fun reconnecting with old friends and finding fun way to stay connected with close friends.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Me and My Cuz

I have to note about how much I have loved living in Provo. On Saturday we drove out to Eagle Mountain to buy a Christmas tree for our flower shop and it just so happened to be from a lady that lived in our old complex. I told Scott that there were things that I missed about Eagle Mountain like but mostly I think it's just because it was OUR first house together and how so many memories came from our short but sweet little drive that night. We both agreed that we love how the town home feels more like a house with it's tiny backyard and the fact that we have a front AND a back door and that it's not all on one level. But I think the part that I've loved about living in PROVO the most is the fact that I'm so much closer (or so it seems) to my family. Plus, Dresden has loved seeing his GRANDMA and GRANDPAS more frequently. But the fact that I live a mere 7 minutes from my sister-in-law Beth has been something that I have just loved! I think it's because the both of us are stay-at-home moms with babies not TOO far apart in age and we both share a lot of common interests (cooking, running, interior decorating and recently sewing). Let's just say that I've loved having a close friend so nearby. I thought that the transition to motherhood would be hard having worked and gone to school staying really busy...but, with the help of Beth I am settling in quite nicely to my new role as a mother. THANKS BETHY! Also, I know that Dresden has loved seeing his cute little cousin Smith too so THANKS SMITHY!

AS FOR THE PAST WEEK... I got to go to my beautiful friend Kara's bridal shower where I got to see a lot of old friends that I have struggled to keep in touch with and it was so fun to see how they are all doing well. I can't tell you how happy I am that Kara has found someone that she loves and is going to take care of her. She has been a wonderful friend. Besides that all I can say is I love being a mom! I have been so blessed to have such a wonderful little boy who brings me so much joy. This week he's started to smile more and be awake a lot more adIt truly is amazing how you can just fall in love with something so instantly! Plus, the fact that I have Scott-what more could I ask for? He does such a good job in taking care of our little family. Oh and one more thing... unfortunately I wasn't able to start on sewing my pillows this week, but we'll have to see what next week holds! Until then... toodles!

More photos from a little while ago that I wanted to post.