Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Green, Green and More Green

Boy has it been awhile... Two months since my last blog...? I need to get bloggin', so here we go.
I have officially decided that St. Patrick's Day is my Second Favorite Holiday (next in line from Christmas). And why, do you ask? For those of you that know me, my favorite color is green. Why was it this year that I realized that that is one of the main parts about St. Patrick's Day? I don't know, but dressing in all green and making Leprechaun hats for my son and Eden (my good friend from Eagle Mountain, Rachel's daughter) made my month. Weird I know, but it's true! A day granted to wearing green what could be better.
Rachel came over for a visit that day and we made smoothies and she made her Whole Wheat Oat Bran pancakes with Berry topping. Yumm..... Maybe this contributed to my glorious day with the fact that we made Smoothies (my most favorite treat!) Her and I laughed about how excited we were about our craft of making Leprechaun hats. We for sure enjoyed it more than our two little ones.

On another note, I have to say how lucky I am to have the husband I do. The other morning I woke up to my sweetheart cleaning up the mess Dresden made of himself. I neglected to realize that he had on a diaper whose size was a bit too small. Let's just say most of what shouldn't ended up in his diaper didn't and my amazing husband was in taking care of it while I was snoozing. It's time like these that I am so greatful for how much my husband loves children. I love seeing how excited he gets when I ask him to wake up Dresden. He's more excited than then when he finds out he has to sub for a soccer game (crazy I know). It's these little moments in life that I must never take for granted. My sweet mother-in-law gave me a cute little sign that says "Life's too Short to be Anything but Happy". I totally agree with this.

Speaking of happy, I am just thrilled that Dresden has started rolling over. He hated being on his tummy so bad that I worried that he wouldn't learn to roll over. Well he has and I'm sure he's glad he did because now whenever I put him on his tummy he immediately rolls onto his back. We're still working on going from his back to his tummy, but I'll just have to be patient with that until he decides that tummy time isn't all so bad.This week I have spring break from school and as much as I love school, boy could I use a break. Plus, I'm so excited to: spend more quality time with my son,Blog (hence, this blog), hopefully find a new car, prepare for my garden I'm so excited for, spring clean my house,sign up for my marathon and prepare our sharing time for this Sunday (Scott and I were called to do this once a month and boy is Scott so thrilled to be back with the little kids...he he). Anyway, I'd better get going on my Spring Break tasks! Til next time!