Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our First Couple Months in Heidelberg

The Lovely Tina who has been an Angel to all of us Taylor's that have invaded Germany (he he). In this picture, we are out on a Relief Society activity where we went on a day trip to Karlsruhe. I had a fabulous time just sitting in the garden's of the castle we visited with some of the sister's Liliand Roland, Elke Marquat and Rosy. We ate one of my first authentic outstanding German meals at a restaurant in those gardens and later wandered the streets of Karlsruhe getting Gelato and delicious Chocolate. All the ladies were so patient and helpful to me as I struggled practicing my German.
I loved this tree that we saw from the restaurant.  Can you say Sesame Street or Who-ville.
Here we are waiting for the Train after church one Sunday. I believe this was Scott's first Sunday and I remember feeling an overwhelming feeling of gratitude as I watched our little family finally together.

One of our days at the Park with Aunt Beth and our cousins and Miriam and her kids.
Stelli's first feeling of sand in her toes. She really liked it.
Simeon and Lilah were so nice to share their sand toys with Dresden.
When I can get both of my kids in the stroller at the same time it's wonderful, a rare occurrence, but wonderful.

Saw this at one of the street markets near Beth's house. I may need to purchase one of these to take back to the states. I just loved it.
My dearest friend and Sister Beth and I celebrated her birthday on the wonderful streets of Heidelberg. The delicious meal that we sort of stumbled upon, discussing Jane Eyre and the amazing back ground piano music we enjoyed was certainly an answer to my prayer that this beautiful, life-changing friend of mine could have the best day possible. 

We stumbled across this one day on our way to Bryce and Beth's house. This man, his awesome "Auto" and Amadeus the dog collect money for the Elderly who belong to a rehabilitation center. Dresden loved Amadeus and didn't stop talking about him for about a month. I couldn't get enough of the dogs adorable face either.

A fun day at this quaint little park just Me and Miriam and our kids. I'm so grateful our kids get along so well because I sure do love this gal. Talk about instant friends. I think her and I had more fun getting to know one another than our kids did playing at the playground. Sometimes Mommies need a play date too.

Couldn't even make it past dinner time. Some of the days in Germany can be so tiring when using public transportation, but I'm so grateful for how patient my kids are. 
We got together one night with the Amazing Dabron Family. Beth made two different pans of Enchiladas and we had chips and salsa, Spanish rice...the works! The food was delicious, but the company was even better. We got to know the new Suhren Family that had just moved in and really felt the love of Tina and her family. We are so lucky to know this family. They have been a true blessing to our family. 
Left: Dabron Family Right: Suhren Family

Left: Dresden loved the Dessert even more than the dinner! Look at that face! Right: We stumbled across this awesome car on our way to the train. I had to capture one of the signature "Ente" cars.

Late night train ride after our wonderful dinner at the Dabrons.

One of our Favorite Parks in Heidelberg
So far I've been really impressed by some of the parks here in Germany. This one has been the best so far. How often do you run into a long tee-tor-ta-tor like snake that can seat about 5/6 or this huge circular disk at a park. Dresden loved it! But I think Dresden's favorite part had to be the water portion of the park. The had all sorts of trap doors where they could direct the water and a water pump where they could pump water into a trough. Truly a toddler's paradise.

I had to put this in. Dresden loves to help me clean the house. I only hope that this desire can last throughout his life. If not I'm going to soak it up now. He is such a sweetie!

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