Wednesday, December 7, 2011

St. Nikolaus Comes to our House

St. Nikolaus DID come to our house! Despite that Dresden might not have fully understood our new tradition, I think he thought it was pretty fun. He especially loved his new Thomas the Train Ornament and even though he didn't like eating the orange he thought that was pretty cool too. Scott did his research on this wonderful German Tradition. December 6th is the day that St. Nickolaus comes. You have to put out one of your shoes outside your front door the night of December the 5th and then if you are luck St. Nickolaus will come by and bring you oranges, nuts, chocolate Santa's and cookies or crackers. We were all lucky because St. Nickolaus did fill our shoes the morning of the 6th and we all got more and more excited for Christmas and to see Dresden's childlike excitement for these wonderful traditions that make up a Merry Christmas.


Beth said...

We did this all growing up. My grandma smailes brought back real wooden shoes from Holland and we used those, we put them outside our room doors in the hallway and we had a little surprise in the morning! It was sooo much fun! Tina (a lady in our ward) reminded me of St. Nicholas day and said we better do it now that we live in Germany!

sarahandmike said...

Wie süß!