Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Our first Christmas Morning at home! For the 23rd and Christmas Eve we spent the evening with my parents and my wonderful families on both sides. Dresden was ecstatic when his Nani and Bopba gave him a Lightning McQueen tent, sleeping bag and backpack combo. He insisted that we "shut the door" and quickly wanting us to open it again. He felt so big in his very own tent. He also really enjoyed the soccer ball and net that his Bopba picked out special for him. As for me and Scott, my parents amazed me and completed a beautiful book shelf. I love my dad and mom they are so talented. Some of you may remember the shelf he made me a couple years ago. It too was amazing! I really gotta learn how to do what he does. It is amazing! I will cherish those gifts forever because I will always remember my dad made them for me with a lot of love. For my parents we gave them some framed pictures of Dresden and (my favorite) a framed Family Tree filled out with a whole bunch our families names. I was hoping my parents would like it and my mom gave me exactly the reaction I needed. My cute brother was there and that was a present in and of itself and he brought his cute girlfriend Maura. I really liked getting to know her. She is such a positive person and I'm so proud of Ty for finding such a cutie. The only thing missing was my other Little Brother Trevor. I missed him so much. It just wasn't the same without him. I hope next year we'll get to see him.

Well as for Christmas Morning I woke up to my sweet sweet husband having breakfast made and the table set. He had to get up extra early to make the breakfast casserole and I was so grateful for his efforts. Dresden came down and a fun time opening presents. He was most excited about one of the smallest presents (an addition to his Thomas the train set, Henry) not the one that I've been hiding and he's been asking about since his Birthday (Lightning McQueen rolling bag). Boy is it nice to buy presents for a two year old. I can't imagine what it will be like when $75 will barely get us one present for our kids.

After we opened presents, had a delicious breakfast and went to Church (Which was lovely by the way. I found a new favorite Christmas song: Where Shepards Lately Knelt), we went to Grandma Tamera and Grandpas house where they were so generous to give us more presents. Despite Izzy's lack of joy (to say the least) Scott and I were excited for the Shock collar we gratefully received from Dave and Tamera. Hopefully now we can keep Izzy from tearing apart other peoples garages while chasing after their cats.

Dresden was so lucky to receive Thomas the Train PJ's some Matchbox cars and Thomas the Train Movies. For Mama and Papa T we painted a new shelf for them to put coats on. I loved making so many of our gifts this year. It was worth all the late nights and work. I don't know if I'll be able to continue once we start having more kids though. Mama T is amazing making so many of her gifts with 8 children. Wow! Anyway, I think the highlight of the day was getting to talk to our brother Jon on his mission. I'm so grateful for technology these days. We got to skype with him and actually see him. It was so good to see how happy he is and how good of a missionary his. Scott and I (Izzy and Dresden) are really excited for him to be home next Christmas. Even though I want to be in Germany by then I really want to be able to see Jon when he gets home. Missions do such amazing things to young men. I can't wait to see the magic worked on Jon. He already was such a good example and so fun for Dresden but I can only imagine when he comes home. Well we finished the night at the Taylor's and had a lovely evening just relaxing. Scott got to get his Halo fix with his two sisters and Kristen's boyfriend David which I know he enjoyed. I am grateful though that he wasn't stuck playing til all hours of the night. Had Bryce been here I'm sure we probably would've had to have ended up sleeping over. Scott sure misses his Best Buddy Brother Bryce. Til next Christmas...Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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