Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our little blessing

This past week was a wonderful one. Monday Dresden and I got to go on a walk with our awesome friends Heidi and Izaak, Stasha, Brogan and Brigsten to the park. Izzy took us on a detour to the duck pond past our house and boy were Heidi and I glad because we got to play with our two boys in this gigantic leaf pile that the maintence crew must have collected. We both hesitated because we didn't want to create more of a mess, but we finally decided it was worth it. I wish we could've had a camera because it was so so much fun. Growing up we didn't have big enough trees to create such a pile and so this was a first for me as well as for Dresden. I definitely think this will have to happen as often as fall comes around.

Thursday I had to bring Dresden to work with me at the flower shop. I thought it wouldn't be a problem because it wasn't supposed to be that long. It ended up a lot longer than planned but it wasn't a worry for me at all because Heavenly Father blessed me with such an amazing little boy. He was absolutely perfect. He didn't fuss or cling to me for attention, instead he tried helping me rake leaves, we walked on the railroad tracks while he held his balloon and he played in the back of the car where I'd tried to create the best play spot with trucks, trains and books. I am so grateful for Dresden I couldn't have asked for a better little boy.

Saturday we invited my dad over for dinner. Since my mom is in Paris he's been all alone and I figured he probably could use a nice home cooked meal.After dinner Scott and I quickly finished Dresden's supposed to be birthday cake that was like Thomas the Train. We all sang to him again and he entertained us with how he dug into his cake no hands included. We all were laughing so hard. We finished the night with Dresden demanding that his "Bop-ba" read him stories. While Scott cleaned up in the kitchen Dresden and I snuggled around my Dad while he read us stories. I loved it so much and I hope my Dad did too. There's no doubt in my mind that Dresden did. We read the book You Are Special and I really felt God's love for me and my family not just by the simple meaning of the book but by enjoying this quality time with the first man in my life and my little man. I love you dad. Thanks for agreeing to reading. You do have a persistent grandson.

Sorry about the crooked picture, but what do you think of our first train cake?
After the instructions to eat it, this is what he did.
Finally decided to use his hands. He said it felt funny.

Sharing with is Bop-ba.

The after effects of Dresden and Daddy helping Dresden.
I'm going to miss these moments.


M Taylor said...

What a fun update. I'm glad he had such a fun little birthday.

Mary said...

So cute! Way to go on the Thomas cake. I can't believe Dresden is 2!

sistatee said...

Tasia, Thanks for starting your blog again. I love it. You are the best! and so is your family.