Monday, November 21, 2011

New Doo and Dresden outsmarts Mommy

Well, I did it! I chopped 12 inches off my hair again. This would be the third time and I hope that that makes three lucky people walking around with my hair for a wig from Locks of Love. Ever since the first time I made this drastic of a change I haven't been able to let my hair grow past a certain length before I have to chop it again. I waited for my amazing friend Bree to get home from California to do it because she is the best ever and I wanted to make sure that it was done well. I think she did a great job don't you think? I included a before and after picture so you can get the real effect.

Next story for the post is how little Dresden decided to outsmart Mommy and somehow lock her out of Grandma and Grandpa Taylors house. I stopped by after my usual deliveries at the flowershop and took little dude in and some of his stuff and went back out to get the rest of it and when I came back in the deadbolt was locked. I couldn't figure it out. I tried to instruct him to get a chair and put it by the door and unlock it but that wasn't working. So I called Tamera and they arranged to have Dave come let me in. In the meantime I discovered that of all the windows of the house there was only one that I could break into. The other one had two snakes in there and I wasn't about to jump down in that window well. By the time I finally managed to get into the house, Dave had just got home and unlocked it. He said "Tasia, you are pregnant you shouldn't be climbing down in window wells". Well I then had to tell him that it was a bathroom emergency and I couldn't wait. Well even though I couldn't figure out how the deadbolt got locked I soon found out that not only could Little Dude reach the lock, but the lock was very easy to lock. So Dresden outsmarted his mom and he is only two. I'm sure that it won't be the first time either. He is quite the smarty pants. We sneeze and he says "Bless you" (that I didn't teach him) and the other night I said "Sleep tight" and now almost everytime we lay him down he says "Sleep tight". Boy do I love my little monkey. He is so much fun!

These Pictures are from a year ago, but I don't think anyone has seen them and I had to put some sort of picture in with the story. (Too bad I didn't get one of him locking the door or something.)


K. Elliott said...

Love that little guy!

sistatee said...

So cute! I love your design and of course you and little Dresden. Thanks for sharing on your blog again. Love ya!