Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We made it to Deustchland

Well little Estelle I couldn't have asked for a better baby while making this long 12 hour flight to Germany. You were an angel. Perhaps you could see how much mommy was struggling with all the bags, you and the stroller (I felt like I needed two more arms at least) and decided to give mommy a break. You slept the entire time: the 4 hours to NY and the 8 to Frankfurt with the exception of mommy waking you to feed you and put you in your PJ's (of which you went right back to sleep after that). Although I don't really want to fly without your daddy again I couldn't have had a better partner on this long trek. I am so so so so blessed! We were so blessed to have a sweet lady that was a passenger help us put your stroller together in NY and nice German man and airport worker help us in Frankfurt. We got to go right up to the front of the line for our passports and didn't have to wait in line and the airport worker helped take our bags right up to Grandma Tamera. There were certainly a lot of prayers coming our way because I don't think things could have gone any smoother. Mommy also was surrounded by all German citizens on the flight to Frankfurt and so she got to get a head start on speaking German. They all were so nice and made me feel really confident in my Germany. The older couple to our left constantly told me to have them help me if I needed it and the cute African who immigrated to Germany and had awesome fro hair held you while I got our bags down. When we landed and you were looking at the nice Germans (one the African lady) you just smiled and smiled. They said you were excited to be in Germany. I think so. I'm excited to have you here with me while we try to find a home for us even though I miss Daddy and Dresden terribly. I dedicate this Post to you Stelli.

 <-- This little outfit was given to you by Glen and Tawnya (some of mommy's family friends)


Mary said...

Yay Tasia! You are a trooper! What a blessing that Estelle is! Hope you love it there (but not too much because we want you back!) Tell Beth & Bryce hello. Love you

Mrs. Wright said...

I'm so glad you made it safely and that Estelle was so good for you! Aw Taish!,'re going to have such a great time! Live it up girl!!