Sunday, January 8, 2012

Man-training, Sewing and Flying

On a Dresden Note:
Although this happened a little while ago, I had to post this. This is what happens when Mommy has to work late and Daddy is in charge. Daddy teaches Dresden how to "Be a Man" (in Scott's words).

Second, make sure you are comfy in your favorite chair. (Who cares if your shoes are on.)

Lastly, turn on the TV to whatever seems interesting and stare into the TV while eating your pizza.

I think Daddy taught him quite well. Don't you think?

On a Mommy Note:

This week I sewed my first window Valances for the baby and Dresden's room. Fortunately Grandma Tamera knows how to sew and showed me all I needed to do. I had so much fun making them! I can't wait to sew Dresden's blanket that will go along with the valances. Stay posted for when I complete that. It may take longer than a week though, but be patient!

On a Daddy Note:

Friday around 11:30am Scott called and said that he wanted take me on an early date. Of course I had to pry a little and eventually he decided he'd better make sure I was up for going on an airplane ride in his buddy Jeff Jensen's plane (being 7 months pregnant and a mom). I was glad he did, but then maybe if he didn't give me the option I wouldn't have had to be a paranoid stress case and worry about where Dresden would go if something happened to us on this short little flight. Boy am I glad I went with my instincts and decided to go. I'd been in a little plane when I went Sky diving, but Scott hadn't so he was really excited. Even though I'd been in a small plane I didn't get to take off. His buddy trusted me enough to safely get us off the ground and it was so Awesome! We flew around by BYU and went up Provo Canyon then followed AF canyon out til about Traverse mountain and then back again. It was so so so much fun! I'm so blessed to have an adventurous, spontaneous husband. I wrote in my journal a long time ago thanking Heavenly Father for Scott because I knew he'd never make my life boring and so far Scott's made our life together interesting and fun. I love you Hubby!


Mary said...

Love Dresden being a man ha! And what a cute little homemaker you are Taziers! You are braver than me Tasia I do not like little planes they scare me, but I'm glad you had fun!

K. Elliott said...

Love the valances! love My nephew Dresden!

M Taylor said...

Cute valances. You'll be a seamstress in no time.