Monday, December 14, 2009

Decorating, Facebook & Lost Izzy

(Dresden loved decorating for Chistmas!)

So, not much occured this week other than we decorated for Christmas, I joined FACEBOOK and today...that darn Izzy ran off chasing who knows what, and ended up staring up a tree about a block away trying to coax a cat down so that she could annoy it (not even the nice neighbor that found her could lure her away with a piece of bologne)! I had been driving around looking for her when I had given up and was trying one last place I came accross this man who looked nice but I didn't know. He had a baby in his hands and that baby had Dresden's blanket. He walked up to me and said I believe this baby is yours...? I looked and sure enough it was Dresden. Fortunately it wasn't too cold outside (38 degrees)...even though I'm still paranoid that him being outside for the 5 minutes he was will get him sick and finding him in a strangers arms was a little concerning as well. Our neighbor had called Scott and since I wasn't there and didn't have my phone with me (as usual) if we wanted Izzy back, going and getting her right then was Scott's only option. I just wish I had brought my phone(someday I'll learn).

We had so much fun getting our tree!It didn't take long for me to find the perfect one! We only needed a small one for our small little family and this one was full and magnificent. I wanted the $10 Grinch tree's off Geneva road, but trading the man accross the street for flowers was a much better idea! Now our Just Because can dazzle a table for the Holidays! I personally love the huge bow that I put on the top! It's my fill in for the star that I don't yet have!

(Above is what Dresden likes to do while I FACEBOOK.)I didn't think that I'd get sucked into the facebook wave, but sad to say all it took was signing up and as Scott says, I'm already a facbook addict. Although my addiction probably won't last as long as he thinks it has been a ton of fun reconnecting with old friends and finding fun way to stay connected with close friends.

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K. Elliott said...

I don't get how Dresden ended up in a stranger's arms? Love the tree!