Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anniversary Trip to the Oregon Coast

All I knew the Saturday before our anniversary was that Mr. Taylor was taking me on an adventure and it was going to be a very long drive (14 hrs long). Little did I know that he would be taking me to such a beautiful place. Although foggy a lot of the time the Oregon Coast was a sight I had never seen and I was so happy he chose this as our destination. We had a perfect campsite-it was right next to the ocean. My favorite part was when we sat and watched the sun go down and eat our Kentucky Fried Chicken. Izzy loved the beach she ran and ran and ran chasing after the seagulls. I love the picture of our three footprints. I can't wait until our little boys footprints will be included in the picture! Oh, and I have tell about our amazing drive through the redwoods and our pit stop at a campground at Lake Tahoe. We spent the day on the Granite beaches with my adorable cousins Kerensa, Remi, Ben and my Aunt and Uncle before we drove all the way home. 

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The Drapers said...

tais this sound like an amazind time but im pretty mad that you didnt stop by i live like 2 hours from tahoe! i didnt know you were this close to me!