Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pink and Blue Party

Thanks to the wonderful idea of Agnes Francom, we had a pink and blue party where all the gals wore what color they thought the baby was. Scott found out a day ahead and was able to keep it a secret from me. He bought a cute little outfit and put that along with the picture of what the baby was in a box and wrapped it up. Towards the beginning of the party he brought it and I opened it up. And what to my wondering eyes did appear... It's a Boy sign I pulled out of the box along with a darling Puma outfit our son's daddy picked out just for him. All along I was convinced it was a girl but after the reactions I got from the tech, Scott, and the Birth Center Lady I was sure it was a boy.The party was a lot of fun. Beth made a pink and blue cake and we just ate a delicious salad bar. Oh, and my son's grandma bought him some clothes also. The moment I held up those clothes, it became more and more of a reality. Our son will be wearing these outfits. Crazy! Scott and I couldn't be more excited!


Anonymous said...

I love it. Little Boys are so fun--I don't know about girls yet but I know that Kristin can vouch for Chloe's funness. Congrats! We had fun dressing up for the party too. Kurt liked his pink layers. I too though it would be a girl. Aaron apparently knew all along since he was the only one who wore blue. I hope things are going swell with your pregnancy. Can't wait to see you all in August.

quinn and kristi said...

Congrats! I am so excited for you!!!!