Sunday, October 10, 2010

I miss my hunter!

Scott left Friday to go hunting and I realized how much I enjoy having him around and being his wife. What I miss most is having him to snuggle up next to when we go to bed. The past couple nights I've either slept on the couch because I don't want to sleep in bed alone or I look over and think, I miss you Husband. I think even Dresden has realized he's missing from the picture. He constantly is saying Da, Da about everything he sees. Besides the fact that I've felt like I've somewhat quarantined myself to my house because little Dresden has been throwing up on and off, we've had a great time spending time together. It's amazing how even something that I have feared for years (throw-up) has suddenly not become such an issue when you have children. I am grateful I have Dresden to teach me a few things about life. He truly is my shining star and I don't know what I'd do without him. I just hope that he is all better. If not then it means that I have more to learn with him.

Today was a lovely Sunday. I woke up and we took a short walk where we looked at the trees, the birds and the dump truck (Dresden especially liked this). Then I put Dresden down for a nap and then got ready for church, read scriptures, and planned out my week. I've got to make my fall break be something productive and fun and that is going to take some effort on my part. After that I got Dresden up and fed him and got him dressed and we walked to church. It was a beautiful day. After church we went and hung out at Grandma's house. I liked driving up the canyon with my mom. I've really enjoyed our conversations lately. I think we've learned a lot about each other.

Anyway, I'm excited to spend time with my baby boy for a few days where I don't have to go anywhere or do much of anything. I wish Scott was here because then it would make it all the better, but I'm glad he's up doing something he enjoys. I hope to possibly get some pictures and give a summary our first summer as a family. Til then, thanks for reading. Happy trails!