Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our Boys Arrive and We Get to See Rome Italy

Dresden Arrives

 Here's my buddy just getting to Heidelberg. Look how cute he is with his McQueen suitcase. Grandpa Taylor said they got a lot of looks with him pulling this through the airport.
 I didn't want to let go of him.
Even though this picture doesn't do the moment justice, I had to post it to remember how sweet he was with his little sister. He walked up to her and said "Hi Stelli" and gave her a kiss on her forehead. Almost brought a tear to my eye. 

Even though it was extremely hard for me to be without my sweet little Dresden it made things a lot easier for my house hunting here in Germany. I was so grateful he was in good hands with his Daddy, his Nanny and Bopa, Aunt Kristen, Grandpa Taylor and our sweet friend/ neighbor Emily Covey and her darling son Stephen. I was so grateful Emily sent me these cute pictures when she did because it came on a day that I was really missing him. 

To Roma Italia
Here we are at the Hauptbahnhof waiting for our bus to take us to the Frankfurt Hahn Airport. Too bad we couldn't have just stayed in here the whole time. The light sprinkle that welcomed us turned into a down pour when we were getting on the bus.

Dresden gets to try his first pretzel in Germany. He loved it!
Stelli, I don't think you know how amazing your Aunt Bethy is. You will soon find out!

Here we are after we finally got on the bus. All of our shoes, clothes, and hair were soaked. My 100 Euro was also soaked too, so much so that the driver looked at it in disgust.
We finally made it to the Hotel 5 min. from the Frankfurt Hahn Airport. This was really helpful seeing as our flight was at 6:30am.
Here we are on the airplane to Rome. The kids did fantastic! I'm so grateful for how good of travelers they have been.
We made it to Rome! Yipee! Once we got there we caught a shuttle bus to take us to the Termini (main Train Station). So this is Stelli with her awesome Aunt Kaylee who was SO SO SO helpful this crazy trip. I couldn't have done it without her.

Once at the Termini Station we went down 6 escalators. We then reached the Underground Subway. After four stops we got off and came to this train. As you can see there wasn't any sort of ramp so we had to lift all the luggage and the strollers up in it. That was adventurous. 

We were all so tired after the long adventure starting at 4:30 am. A nap was very much needed. 
Here we are at the Flaminio Bungalow Park at our little Trailor House. That place had the nicest community bath house. It had mosaic tiled walls, a private place for children with minuture toilets and sinks, and awesome blow dryers.
Here we are about ready to take off on another adventure traveling to the Termini Station.
Once at the station, Grandma and Grandpa Taylor took Dresden and Smith and most of the luggage on a train to Terni where they would meet up with Uncle David and his family. 
After they took off we headed to the Vatican. The Sistine Chapel was the most beautiful site I have ever seen. I could've stayed in there for hours and hours looking up at the beautiful work done by Leonardo di Vinci himself.

Here we are at St. Peter's Cathedral. They were holding mass while we were there so not only did we have the beautiful filtered light shining in on this beautiful building, but we had some beautiful music.
 To the left is an old prayer bench, I believe. To the right is a famous painting of the theologians. 
 Left: Sculpture that inspired Di' Vinci. Right: Me and Stelli in St. Peter's Square where the Pope speaks.

Daddy Surprises Us
 After the beautiful sites I was surprised by my sweet sweet husband. I hadn't expected him until the following week, but he was so good to me and met me in Rome. I had to double take because I didn't think it was real. Bryce didn't know it either, so it was a surprise for him too. 


Around 10:45pm we arrived in Terni where David and his Cousin Gabriella met us and took us to this beautiful, dream of a place Bed and Breakfast, La porta della Valnerina.

I loved this old wash basin station thing that was in our families room.
This is only part of one of the many sweets this place had. I loved the original wall they were able to preserve from the original building. 
At the B&B they had a little waterfall with a couple pools that Dresden is posing next too. Such a wonderful retreat from the crazy traveling we previously had experienced. 
David's nice brother Emmanuella took us to one of the highest waterfalls in the world.
 Here we are at David and Kristen's ring ceremony. We had a delicious, traditional 5 course meal and we didn't get back until about 1:30am. It was so fun. Below is a fun (I assume a traditional) game they play with the bride and groom where they ask them questions and they have to hold up whomever's shoe they think the question pertains to. They try to have hold up the same shoe so as to show how compatible they are. They did really well!

 The next day we went to church and then came back to just relax and hang out with their family. David's sweet family cooked us some delicious Italian food and brought out Bachu Ball (I think that's how it's spelled).

It was Father's Day that Sunday. What a fun Father's Day to spend in Italy. 

Left: Kristen and David let off a Chinese candle. Right: Our last family picture before everyone starts parting their ways. Dave and Kaylee left that night. I was sad to see Dresden say good bye to his Grandpa Taylor (his best buddy), but I'm glad it won't be too long til they can meet again.

 The next day Tamer, Scott, I, Dresden and Smith went to see the Colloseum. It was amazing.

 After we stayed the night in a hotel near the Rome Champino airport we woke up flew home and then caught our bus back to Heidelberg. It was amazing how comfortable I felt landing on German soil. I loved this picture of Dresden and his Grandma Tamera. I know he will miss her as well. 

In conclusion, after all the sweat and muscles we built up from this trip, it was well worth it. We saw some wonderful things, made some new friends and got to see how wonderful Italians and their culture can be. I would love to go back some day when our kids can really understand where they are. They were such troopers though and I would take them anywhere if the could travel like this. What a wonderful first adventure during our time here in Europe. 
The End.